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Kofax Intelligent Automation software platform helps organizations transform information intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer engagement.

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Organize your content based on what it is, not where it’s stored. M‐Files offers a single platform that connects all of your core business systems, applications and devices, allowing you to find and share information securely and quickly.

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Locate information efficiently, increase information security and simplify your document management processes using ImageConnect, an on‐premise Enterprise Content Management system that offers sophisticated search and reporting functionality.

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Your employees are your brand ambassadors and your marketing materials are their toolkit. With a WebConnect digital storefront, teams are empowered to order printed supplies while your organization maintains reliable brand control.

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" Creating a stand-out direct mail piece is one thing. Satisfying our rigorous brand standards is something else entirely. WCD delivered an innovative product that connected quite powerfully with our audiences. We were very impressed with their ability to adhere to our brand guidelines while delivering a superb direct mail piece."

" WCD maintains the same level of service that they come to the table with. Dependable and reliable—WCD is virtually an extension of our own business."

" We only print what we need, when we need it, making it easy to manage marketing materials and customizable collateral. Our investment in the WebConnect print-on-demand solution has proven to be worth every penny. It’s been of tremendous value to ATB."

" Our past vendor didn’t like the idea of quarterly meetings. When we made the transition to WCD it opened a door to new ideas and a different way of doing business. Now we meet quarterly to discuss reports and have open lines of communications with all WCD employees. Everyone is quick to respond to questions and able to deliver results."

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Premier Office Tower Implements Efficient and Secure Messenger Office Services for High-End Clientele

Find out how this premier twin-tower office complex maintains a secure, trackable chain of custody and efficiently manages 12,000+ incoming and outgoing packages.

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University of Calgary On-Campus Print Centre Experience is Transformed with Process Innovation and Outstanding Service

Learn how the University efficiently prints and and accurately scans thousands of student exams all within a tight 48-hour turnaround time.

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ATCO Maintains Brand Consistency and Tracks Print Spend with Custom Web-to-Print Storefront

Learn how their employees can easily access and print up-to-date corporate materials while the organization maintains reliable brand consistency using WebConnect.

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Online Photobook Platform Improves Customer Reviews with a Reliable Print Partner

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How To Create a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

How To Create a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign This content is adapted from Canada Post's Essential Guide to Direct Mail. Our homes are central to our lives—they're where we spend most of our time and where we make life's big decisions. For many Canadians, the mailbox remains a ritual and a vital connection to the world. In fact, Canada Post studies show that more than 70% of Canadians pick up their mail at least three times a week. That makes direct mail the ideal channel for businesses to reach customers where they are. Like any marketing tactic, it's important to understand the formula for success. What does it take to run an effective direct mail campaign that captures attention and incites action in your customers and prospects? Let's walk through the six steps to creating a successful direct mail campaign. For a more in-depth process, download our 6 Step Guide to Direct Mail Marketing > 1) Strategy and Planning The first step to a successful direct mail campaign is nailing down your campaign strategy. Planning ahead will simplify and speed up your decision-making process and will also help guide your creative and print partners (that’s us!) in recommending the best possible solutions. While developing your direct mail strategy, use this checklist: What is your main objective? What do you want your audience to do?What is your offer/message?Will your campaign be integrated?What is your budget?What data do you have? 2) Targeting and Analytics If you’re just starting out with direct mail and don’t have an existing database (or yours is in its early stages), you may turn to external sources for your targeting. In this case, you’ll use what you’ve learned researching your target audience to develop a list. Working with our team, we’ll apply those insights to generate your list using a Canada Post list rental. Canada Post's advanced data allows you to target customers based on hundreds of attributes, including some of these examples: Geography and address attributes (region, type of dwelling)Demographics (family size, occupation) Interests and behaviours (hobbies, pet ownership) Lifestyle (outdoor adventurists, vacation homeowners) Life stage (families with young kids, retirees) In this step, you'll also work with our direct mail experts to determine what type of mailing best suits your campaign. For more information on the three types of mailing—Neighbourhood Mail, Postal Code Targeting and Personalized Mail—click here. 3) Creative Design A perfectly timed, well-written piece that has a clear and relevant message with a compelling call to action is the key to a successful direct mail campaign. If you’re designing your own direct mail piece, we recommend following the 40/40/20 rule—40% audience, 40% offering and 20% creative execution. Audience — Consider who you're mailing to and what information you need to reach them Offering — Think of your customers asking, "What's in it for me?" Creative — How can you use design and formatting to make your piece stand out from the rest? You'll also need to take into consideration Canada Post's size and weight requirements for each type of mail. For more details, download the 6 Step Guide to Direct Mail Marketing eBook. Need help with designing your direct mail piece? WCD Creative, our in-house design agency, specializes in designing award-winning integrated direct mail campaigns that get results. Learn more about WCD Creative > 4) Printing Before WCD can print your direct mail piece, there are a few critical steps we’ll guide you through to ensure your mailers get where they’re going and capture attention when they get there. First, we'll need to validate your data to ensure you're not mailing duplicates and that all of the addresses on your list are formatted to adhere to Canada Post's requirements. Second, we'll work with you to select the right paper thickness, colour and finishes that will capture the attention of your audience. 5) Mail Preparation and Delivery With millions of pieces going through the mail stream daily, it’s important to prepare direct mailers properly to avoid issues or delays. Our team will manage mail preparation for you, but having a basic understanding of the process will help expedite things and ensure your campaign gets out the door smoothly. In this stage, you'll need to: Create a Canada Post Business Account — We always recommend our customers sign up for a free account to gain instant access to tools and savings on postage. Create a Statement of Mailing (SOM) — Before Canada Post can accept your direct mailers, you'll need to have a SOM with detailed information on the size, weight and quantity of your mailers, distribution routes and more. As Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ Expert Partners, we'll work closely with you to manage the mail preparation process. Once printing and mail preparation are complete, it's time for delivery! Our team will organize your mailers and deliver them to Canada Post. 6) Measurement and Insight Today’s direct mail campaigns are driven by data. With customer journeys constantly changing, it’s important to keep measuring your campaigns to determine what works best. How can you test and measure the success of your direct mail campaigns? Make sure that any point of contact included in your direct mail piece is unique and trackable. Using coupon codes, landing pages, QR codes and other identifiable trackers are great ways to attribute success to your direct mail campaigns. For a more detailed list of attribution methods, download our 6 Step Guide to Direct Mail Marketing eBook. Download the eBook on Direct Mail Eager to learn more about direct mail marketing? Download our free eBook, the 6 Step Guide to Direct Mail Marketing to gain additional insights into: The three types of direct mail targetingTips for designing your direct mailer Specifications on size and weight requirements from Canada PostTracking and attribution methods that can help you measure ROI on your direct mail campaigns

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2021 Concert for Classrooms Raises $150,000 with WCD as Print and Signage Sponsor

2021 Concert for Classrooms Raises $150,000 with WCD as Print and Signage Sponsor Founded by an Olympic Gold Medalist and a PhD Educator, Classroom Champions has a worthy mission—to empower children to thrive socially, emotionally and academically through the mentorship and mindsets of world-class Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The organization provides classrooms with live mentorship, technology and resources for teachers that make a real impact on students' lives. On Friday, Nov. 5, the organization held its 7th annual Concert for Classrooms fundraiser in partnership with Mawer, featuring musicians Barney Bentall & The Cariboo Express. The fun-filled evening raised over $150,000 for Classroom Champions with 100 percent of proceeds going directly to program funding. Photo by Neil Zeller Proud Print & Signage Sponsors WCD has proudly supported Concert for Classrooms since its inception. This year, we participated as the event's official print and signage sponsor, working closely with event organizers to create an energetic atmosphere and memorable experience for guests. Our Chairman, George Brookman took to stage as the event's official auctioneer, helping raise funds through a QR code enabled "virtual auction." Photo by Neil Zeller Since 2011, Classroom Champions has worked with over 25,000 students across seven countries, partnering with over 125 athlete mentors to provide support to underserved K-8 classrooms. Their Scaled Mentorship™ programs focus on improving students' Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) by building skills such as goal-setting, teamwork, fair play, perseverance and courage. Photo by Neil Zeller To learn more about Classroom Champions and what you can do to support their mission, or to inquire about bringing a Classroom Champion to your child's school, visit their website at classroomchampions.org.

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FAQs from Marketers: The Four Basics of Direct Mail

FAQs from Marketers: Understanding the Basics of Direct Mail Have you ever opened your mailbox to find a personalized offer from a brand? It might look like a coupon from your local bakery for a free loaf of sourdough, or a letter from your insurance provider offering 10% off for bundling home and auto. It could range from a basic flyer to a comprehensive, personalized piece of oversized mail. If your answer is yes, then you’ve received direct mail. For the marketer considering adding direct mail to the mix, let's cover the four most frequently asked questions about direct mail, including: What is direct mail?What are the different formats of direct mail?How do you build a direct mail list?How much does direct mail cost? 1) What is direct mail? Direct mail is defined by Canada Post as “physical advertising sent through the mail to find new customers and increase the value of existing ones.” It allows you to carefully target customers with precise messages, customized offers and promotions. Statistics from Canada Post For marketers, direct mail can be a powerful medium to include in your marketing mix. When properly designed, DM campaigns combine physicality, data and connectivity to achieve the best results and produce the highest ROI. Physicality – Research has shown that the physical nature of direct mail is proven to generate a 20% higher response rate than digital messaging.Data – With direct mail, you can target the customers that matter most for your business. Target geographic, demographic and psychographic segments where people are likely to respond to your offer and transform prospects into valued customers.Connectivity – Direct mail complements other marketing media, particularly digital. Incorporate it to get your brand and messaging noticed and remembered, raise brand awareness, and drive customer engagement. 2) What are the different formats of direct mail? The options are endless when it comes to direct mail formats, shapes and sizes. Each has features and benefits that could work for you, depending on your campaign. Here are the most common formats of direct mail: Self Mailers Self mailers, including postcards and coupons, are one of the most cost-effective forms of DM. Since your customer address is printed directly on the piece, there is no need for an envelope. You can be endlessly creative with self mailers. If you’re a pizza shop, you can design a coupon in the shape of a pizza. If you’re a realtor, a postcard in the shape of a house. While best practice is to use a durable cardstock, your self mailer doesn’t have to be a basic format—it can have multiple folding panes and vary in shape and size like the examples below. Designed by WCD Creative Catalogues Catalogues allow you to include more information than other direct mail formats, so you can tell your brand story and describe your products in more detail. Many businesses use catalogues to send look books, gift guides, or seasonal collections to their customers around important dates. Mailing a catalogue is more expensive, so you’ll want to make sure to send them to a highly targeted list of customers or prospects that you know want to hear about your products and services. Outer Envelope and Letter For more detailed or personalized offers, letters are a great way to reach your customers. Plus, using an envelope provides you with extra real estate to print a unique and eye-catching design. Designed by WCD Creative 3) How do you build a direct mail list? One of the most important parts of a successful direct mail campaign is targeting the right people with your message. There are three standard targeting methods you can use to build your direct mail list, including Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™, Postal Code Targeting, and Canada Post Personalized Mail™. Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ Neighbourhood Mail targeting is used to reach mailboxes in a specific neighbourhood, region, or even the entire country. It’s ideal for mass awareness campaigns and acquiring new customers. As an example, restaurants often use this type of targeting to reach new customers in the neighbourhoods nearby their physical location. Postal Code Targeting Postal Code Targeting is a very precise method of reaching customers that match your ideal customer profile. Using demographic, psychographic and geographic data, you can home in on audiences that have certain characteristics—such as household income, age of the residents, pet and car ownership and many other data sets. Canada Post Personalized Mail™ Personalized Mail is used for one-to-one communication, enabling you to personalize the message and creative for your customer. The mailing data for Personalized Mail can either come from your own list of customer contacts, or you can buy/rent a list from Canada Post. Personalized Mail is best for helping you acquire new customers, deepen connections with existing ones and build customer loyalty. For example, not-for-profits often rent lists to obtain new donors, and banks often use Personalized Mail to communicate with their customers or send them special promotions. Image from Canada Post For more information on types of targeting, visit Canada Post. 4) How much does direct mail cost? The costs for direct mail can seem ambiguous, but they’re simpler than you might think. There are three key components to consider when pricing out your DM campaign. Creative The cost of designing your direct mailer depends on whether you’re designing the piece in-house, using an agency, or using a Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner (like WCD Creative) to design your piece. Printing Factors including the quantity, paper stock, size and finishing of your direct mail piece will impact the price of printing. A basic postcard printed in a bulk quantity could start around $0.15 per piece. For more complex campaigns that involve printing and packaging several pages in personalized envelopes, the cost could be a few dollars per piece. Contact us directly for a free, no obligation quote on direct mail design and print > Mailing Canada Post’s pricing depends on factors like the size, weight and distribution of your piece. To give you an example of what a Neighbourhood Mailer would cost, sending one flyer to every address on a postal route (approximately 500 addresses) would cost as little as $0.17 per piece. You pay: $0.17/flyer x 500 = $85. Working with a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ Expert Partner like WCD can save you up to 15% on postage rates. Learn more about our direct mail services. How can WCD help with your direct mail campaign? Our direct mail experts will work closely with you to understand your campaign goals and will recommend a strategic approach that maximizes the effectiveness and ROI of your direct marketing campaign. As Smartmail Marketing™ Expert Partners, we provide creative design, print, preparation and mailing services under a single roof.

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