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Kofax Intelligent Automation software platform helps organizations transform information intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer engagement.

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Organize your content based on what it is, not where it’s stored. M‐Files offers a single platform that connects all of your core business systems, applications and devices, allowing you to find and share information securely and quickly.

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Locate information efficiently, increase information security and simplify your document management processes using ImageConnect, an on‐premise Enterprise Content Management system that offers sophisticated search and reporting functionality.

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Your employees are your brand ambassadors and your marketing materials are their toolkit. With a WebConnect digital storefront, teams are empowered to order printed supplies while your organization maintains reliable brand control.

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" The staff is professional, friendly, experienced and always looking for new, fresh and hip ways to help you express your creative ideas. Looking forward to working with them on all our future campaigns."

" Creating a stand-out direct mail piece is one thing. Satisfying our rigorous brand standards is something else entirely. WCD delivered an innovative product that connected quite powerfully with our audiences. We were very impressed with their ability to adhere to our brand guidelines while delivering a superb direct mail piece."

" WCD maintains the same level of service that they come to the table with. Dependable and reliable—WCD is virtually an extension of our own business."

" We only print what we need, when we need it, making it easy to manage marketing materials and customizable collateral. Our investment in the WebConnect print-on-demand solution has proven to be worth every penny. It’s been of tremendous value to ATB."

" Our past vendor didn’t like the idea of quarterly meetings. When we made the transition to WCD it opened a door to new ideas and a different way of doing business. Now we meet quarterly to discuss reports and have open lines of communications with all WCD employees. Everyone is quick to respond to questions and able to deliver results."

" Thanks for the extra effort you took to complete this project! That’s the reason I would bring your team with me wherever I go… you are not just super talented, but you're also amazing partners."

Success Stories

Large Canadian Utilities Company Reduces Risk and Improves Employee Experience

Discover how WCD helped a large Canadian utilities company respond to service calls quicker and more efficiently.

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Premier Office Tower Implements Efficient and Secure Messenger Office Services for High-End Clientele

Find out how this premier twin-tower office complex maintains a secure, trackable chain of custody and efficiently manages 12,000+ incoming and outgoing packages.

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University of Calgary On-Campus Print Centre Experience is Transformed with Process Innovation and Outstanding Service

Learn how the University efficiently prints and and accurately scans thousands of student exams all within a tight 48-hour turnaround time.

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ATCO Maintains Brand Consistency and Tracks Print Spend with Custom Web-to-Print Storefront

Learn how their employees can easily access and print up-to-date corporate materials while the organization maintains reliable brand consistency using WebConnect.

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Online Photobook Platform Improves Customer Reviews with a Reliable Print Partner

Learn how the organization has reduced shipping costs and improved speed of delivery, resulting in happy customers and contributing to the organization's stellar reputation.

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5 Types of Signage Homebuilders Need to Drive Sales

How can homebuilders drive sales with signage? When potential buyers are visiting a new community, they’re looking for a sense of place and belonging that helps them to envision themselves living there. The community brand that homebuilders design supports that message, and signage is a critical component of amplifying it. Beyond creating a sense of place for potential buyers, signage also helps you advertise your new development to passersby. If you’re a home builder looking to market a new development, here are five types of signage that will help you get the word out: Banners Temporary Billboards and Skid Frames Flags & Flagpoles Sales Centre Signage Portable Directional Signs 1) Banners Banners are one of the easiest ways to advertise your residential development—they’re temporary, cost-effective, weather-resistant, and can be easily cleaned and stored. Plus, they can be fixed to almost any structure including nearby fences. 2) Billboards & Skid Frames Skid frame signs are semi-permanent billboards. Because the structure is made of wood, it can be reused for future advertisements, making them a sustainable choice. Built sturdy, skid frames can also withstand harsh weather conditions. Because these temporary billboards can be built quite large, they’re ideal for advertising in high-traffic locations to capture attention, such as on the side of a busy roadway or at the entrance to your new community. 3) Flags & Flagpoles Flags and flagpoles are a great way to reinforce your brand and are also useful for drawing more attention to your other signs through movement. The size of your flags can vary, but consider using larger flags with more surface area for designs that feature graphics and lettering. 4) Sales Centre Signage One of your main objectives as a marketer in home sales is to have customers visit your sales centre—which is why creating a positive experience is critical. Residential sales centres are typically either in a show home or built with a temporary portable structure. With a bit of landscaping and signage, you can transform your sales centre into an eye-catching and welcoming environment. On the outside, custom 3D lettering, banners and window graphics will draw buyers in. On the inside, imagine an interactive wall mural that maps out the plans for the area, and dimensional plaques that tell the story of the community. It’s these little details that will excite your buyer! 5) Portable Directional Signs Guide your buyers through new communities with portable signs that direct movement through and around your community. Temporary sandwich boards, lawn signs and smaller skid frames are all great options to help direct your buyers where to go. We can’t wait to help you sell more homes! Our team manages the design, production and installation of holistic signage displays. If you’re ready to market your new community with signage that captures attention, connect with us today or explore our Signage Gallery for more inspiration.

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Case Study: Home Renovation Business Grows with Direct Mail

How a Calgary-Based Home Renovation Business is Growing with Direct Mail Over the past few years, the home has taken on an entirely new meaning. For many of us, it’s where we’ve spent the majority of our time working, resting, and enjoying leisurely activities with loved ones. As we adapted to spending more time at home, businesses were also pivoting. They needed new ways to interact with customers that stretched beyond the brick-and-mortar experience. Business owner Brett Murphy can attest to that. Brett’s Calgary-based business Custom Roll-Out Drawers helps homeowners revitalize their space and “learn to love their home again” through custom renovations and storage solutions—from cabinet refacing to countertops, closet organization, and more. Since the company’s inception in 2003, its marketing strategy has mainly focused on exhibiting at home shows in Calgary and surrounding areas. As the pandemic set in and events dwindled, the company needed another way to attract new customers. “Over the past two years, home shows have been few and far between. We needed to look at other options for lead generation, so I went back to what I know works—direct mail." How Direct Mail Has Advanced Over the Decades Brett first learned about direct mail advertising through his father’s house cleaning business over 20 years ago. During that time, the process of targeting customers was complex and time-intensive. “Before Canada Post had Precision Targeter to segment households to mail to, we would purchase Statistics Canada information on neighbourhood demographics so we could pinpoint our target market,” says Brett. At that time, the family outsourced printing and would then spend hours counting and bundling their direct mail pieces—up to 3,000 pieces a week—before handing them over to Canada Post for delivery. “We would roll six-foot maps out across a table and highlight the neighbourhoods we wanted to target.” Today, Custom Roll-Out Drawers can segment their audience with just a few clicks. Using Canada Post’s online Precision Targeter tool, Brett can select up to three audience attributes from a list including household income, age, family structure, type of dwelling, and other demographic and behavioural data points. From there, he can narrow down his audience by geography—whether it be by the municipality, postal code, or even a specified drive distance from his shop. Finding Success with Direct Mail in Calgary Since mid-2020, Brett has been working with WCD to run a series of direct mail campaigns now totaling over 45,000 pieces. As Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partners, the WCD team manages the graphic design, printing, mail preparation and delivery to Canada Post—saving Brett valuable time. Targeting a series of postal codes that match the company’s ideal customer profile, Brett strategically drops mailers to the same households multiple times throughout the year—a tactic that increases brand recall and the likelihood of conversion. “I’ve had people call me and they’ve held onto two or three of my postcards, so I know it can take a few touchpoints before the customer will reach out." “So far, the direct mail campaigns have successfully replaced the leads we were getting from home shows. We will return to events when they come back, but we’ll also continue our mailers so we can double our volume of leads,” says Brett. “Canada Post’s Smartmail Marketing program can be turned on and off almost instantly, and it’s quite cost-effective. The flexibility and targetability offered by direct mail marketing works amazing for our business.” For small business owners, investing in marketing that is cost-effective and provides a great return on investment is so valuable. Custom Roll-Out Drawers is now gearing up for their next direct mail campaign and hopes to return to exhibit at home shows in 2022. To learn more about their business, visit www.rolloutdrawers.com. How Can Your Business Get Started with Direct Mail? Ready to learn more about how your business can achieve its marketing goals with direct mail? Learn more about direct mail marketing on our website, or download our free eBook: The 6 Step Guide to Direct Mail Marketing below.

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5 Most Common Types of Book Binding

Not sure what type of book binding you should use? You've brought your story to life on paper, and now you need something sturdy to hold it all together. That's where the craft of book binding comes in. Whether you're planning to self-publish a novel, develop a corporate manual, or print school yearbooks, the right binding will add that finishing touch and ensure your book stays intact for decades to come. As Canada's leading experts in book printing and bindery, our team can help you choose finishing's that are just right for your book. Start exploring your options below. Get a book printing estimate online > 1) Cerlox binding Cerlox binding, also called comb binding, uses a cylindrical plastic shape with curved prongs to hold your book together. This cost-effective binding allows your book to lay flat when it is open and holds between 5-250 pages. This binding method is commonly used for manuals, workbooks, annual reports and more. 2) Wire binding Wire binding, also called wire-o, uses a "c” shaped wire spine that is threaded through punched holes and squeezed shut with a wire closer to make the spine round. With wire binding, your document will lay flat, can rotate 360 degrees around the spine, and will hold from 16-275 pages. Wire binding is commonly used for calendars, manuals, workbooks, and other corporate documents. 3) Spiral binding Spiral binding can look similar to wire binding, but there are some distinct differences. Spiral binding is typically plastic that is coiled through punched holes in the paper, so you can fully rotate the coil if needed. Spiral-bound books lay flat when open and hold 16-275 pages. This method is commonly used for notebooks, manuals, reports and more. 4) Saddle stitching Saddle stitching is a popular book binding method where wire staples are punched through the outside of the spine and bent flat between the centermost pages of the book for a smooth finish. Saddle stitching can accommodate documents from 2-250 pages and is commonly used for brochures, booklets, small catalogues, and more. 5) Perfect binding Perfect binding is a process where sections of a book are bound together on the edge with adhesive and are then bound to a wrap-around hard or softcover. The cover is typically scored on the back and front for ease of opening. Perfect binding creates a clean, crisp product that holds 50-250 pages. This method is used for novels, photo books, yearbooks, and probably most of the books sitting on your bookshelf! Book printing and binding in Canada Ready to print and bind your book? We can't wait to help! Learn more about our book printing process or contact us today to get started. We can ship your books anywhere in Canada from our production facilities for book printing and binding in Calgary and Edmonton.

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