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Kofax Intelligent Automation software platform helps organizations transform information intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer engagement.

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Organize your content based on what it is, not where it’s stored. M‐Files offers a single platform that connects all of your core business systems, applications and devices, allowing you to find and share information securely and quickly.

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Locate information efficiently, increase information security and simplify your document management processes using ImageConnect, an on‐premise Enterprise Content Management system that offers sophisticated search and reporting functionality.

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Your employees are your brand ambassadors and your marketing materials are their toolkit. With a WebConnect digital storefront, teams are empowered to order printed supplies while your organization maintains reliable brand control.

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" The staff is professional, friendly, experienced and always looking for new, fresh and hip ways to help you express your creative ideas. Looking forward to working with them on all our future campaigns."

" Creating a stand-out direct mail piece is one thing. Satisfying our rigorous brand standards is something else entirely. WCD delivered an innovative product that connected quite powerfully with our audiences. We were very impressed with their ability to adhere to our brand guidelines while delivering a superb direct mail piece."

" WCD maintains the same level of service that they come to the table with. Dependable and reliable—WCD is virtually an extension of our own business."

" We only print what we need, when we need it, making it easy to manage marketing materials and customizable collateral. Our investment in the WebConnect print-on-demand solution has proven to be worth every penny. It’s been of tremendous value to ATB."

" Our past vendor didn’t like the idea of quarterly meetings. When we made the transition to WCD it opened a door to new ideas and a different way of doing business. Now we meet quarterly to discuss reports and have open lines of communications with all WCD employees. Everyone is quick to respond to questions and able to deliver results."

" Thanks for the extra effort you took to complete this project! That’s the reason I would bring your team with me wherever I go… you are not just super talented, but you're also amazing partners."

Success Stories

Large Canadian Utilities Company Reduces Risk and Improves Employee Experience

Discover how WCD helped a large Canadian utilities company respond to service calls quicker and more efficiently.

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Premier Office Tower Implements Efficient and Secure Messenger Office Services for High-End Clientele

Find out how this premier twin-tower office complex maintains a secure, trackable chain of custody and efficiently manages 12,000+ incoming and outgoing packages.

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University of Calgary On-Campus Print Centre Experience is Transformed with Process Innovation and Outstanding Service

Learn how the University efficiently prints and and accurately scans thousands of student exams all within a tight 48-hour turnaround time.

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ATCO Maintains Brand Consistency and Tracks Print Spend with Custom Web-to-Print Storefront

Learn how their employees can easily access and print up-to-date corporate materials while the organization maintains reliable brand consistency using WebConnect.

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Online Photobook Platform Improves Customer Reviews with a Reliable Print Partner

Learn how the organization has reduced shipping costs and improved speed of delivery, resulting in happy customers and contributing to the organization's stellar reputation.

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Latest Blog Posts


How To Prepare Physical Documents for Digitization

So you’ve decided to go digital—congratulations! Undergoing digital transformation is a rewarding process that will dramatically transform your employee and customer experience. Converting your physical records into digital files will not only improve accessibility, but it will also streamline your workflows and enhance your data security. Before the document imaging process can begin, proper document preparation is crucial to ensuring a smooth and efficient scanning process. Here, we’ll explore some best practices for document preparation in digitization, covering tips and techniques for handling various document types and ensuring optimal quality in your finished product. Here’s the rundown: Removing staples, paperclips and bindings Removing sticky notes and adhesive materials Organizing documentsProtecting photographs Digitizing books and bound materials Dealing with oversized documents Ensuring cleanliness Get a 360 degree view of the document digitization process > 1) Removing Staples, Paperclips, and Bindings Before diving into document digitization, remove staples, paperclips, and bindings from your documents. Left untouched, these metallics can wreak havoc on scanning equipment and cause frustrating paper jams. Instead of risking damage, grab some small adhesive notes to temporarily hold together any multi-page documents or delicate materials. They'll keep things neat and tidy in the meantime. 2) Removing Sticky Notes & Adhesive Materials While sticky notes are great for reminders and separating pages pre-scan, they can be real troublemakers if they go unremoved during the scanning process, often hiding important information or causing unnecessary jams and delays. Carefully peel off any sticky notes, taking your time to avoid any tears or damage to the underlying document. Trust us—your future digital files will thank you for it! 3) Organizing Documents Organization is the name of the game when it comes to smooth digitization. Begin by sorting your documents based on logical criteria—whether that’s date, type, or category—whatever works in unison with your electronic content management strategy. By grouping related documents together, you’re not only simplifying indexing, but you’re also supercharging your retrieval capabilities post-scan. It's the perfect system for finding exactly what you need at the stroke of a few keys. Need help solidifying your content management strategy? 4) Protecting Photographs & Fragile Materials Fragile documents, like aged papers or delicate manuscripts, require extra TLC during preparation. Clean, dry hands are the key here—no greasy fingerprints or smudges, please! For an added layer of protection, consider wearing a pair of non-abrasive gloves. They'll keep these precious documents safe from any potential harm. Lay them down on a clean, flat surface and gently flatten them as needed to remove creases or curling. Remember, we're preserving history here! 5) Digitizing Books and Bound Materials If you're digitizing books, you’ll want to open pages as much as you can for the clearest scans—and to keep everything in place without causing any harm, grab some weights to hold the book steady and make sure it’s camera-ready. 6) Dealing with Oversized Documents Oversized documents like maps, blueprints, or posters require extra attention during the digitization process, because you’ll want to capture every intricate detail without any distortions. To do so, flatten the oversized document as much as possible and smooth out any wrinkles or folds. If your document is too big to fit on a standard scanner, fear not! WCD has the equipment and expertise to handle those grand-scale documents with finesse. 7) Ensuring Cleanliness Dust, dirt, and debris are not your friend when it comes to high-quality digitized documents. Using a soft, lint-free cloth or a specially designed document cleaning brush, gently wipe the surfaces of the documents, removing any particles that might compromise the scan quality. Always avoid using cleaning solutions or liquids that might cause damage. Save time—let us prep your documents! Do you have a hefty records collection and lack the resources or time to prep each document in-house? With full-service information solutions, WCD has the team and expertise to efficiently prepare, scan and manage your documents in the cloud. If your files are ready to embark on their digital journey, check out our services by clicking the link below.

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Long-Standing Local Business, WCD Becomes Official Print Partner to the Calgary Stampede

WCD is thrilled to announce our appointment as the Official Print Partner to the Calgary Stampede—the world-renowned not-for-profit community organization that celebrates western heritage, culture, and community spirit. The partnership between WCD and the Calgary Stampede is a win-win for both organizations that have a shared goal of driving positive engagement throughout both local and national communities. WCD will support the Stampede by helping them share their story and connect with their customers, volunteers, and stakeholders through high-quality print, signage, and creative design. “We wanted to solidify the partnership between our two long-standing, Calgary-based organizations who pride ourselves on shining a national and global light on Alberta, while also positively engaging our local community,” says Karen Brookman, WCD’s president and CEO. “Our purpose at WCD is to help organizations like the Calgary Stampede connect with people—and we’re excited about the opportunity to do that by breathing life and colour into this year’s events through our expansive suite of services.” WCD has been working with the Calgary Stampede for over a decade, providing many of their print and signage needs including those related to BMO Kids Zone, The Dog Bowl, Stampede Lotteries, and the fulfillment and distribution of their two t-shirt campaigns (Come Hell or High Water and We Will Ride Again!). The organization hopes this news will help to increase national brand awareness and establish WCD as a strong contributing member of the Calgary Stampede sponsorship community. Through the Stockmen’s Club Sponsorship, WCD becomes the Official Print Partner, which also includes our continued title sponsorship of the WCD Volunteer Lounge, a cool private dining room on the grounds where Calgary Stampede volunteers can take a quiet break and recharge throughout their busy 10 days. We are excited about this partnership and looks forward to supporting the Calgary Stampede in its mission to preserve and celebrate Calgary’s western heritage, culture, and community spirit. To follow along with our journey behind-the-scenes at the Calgary Stampede, follow our Instagram and LinkedIn. ABOUT THE CALGARY STAMPEDE The Calgary Stampede, which began in 1912, is more than just an annual celebration. At its core is a purpose to preserve and celebrate Calgary’s western heritage, culture and community spirit. The Stampede also aims to give back to the community through over 2,500 volunteers who host events across the city and support community celebrations, empowering youth by providing opportunities to pursue their passions in performing arts, providing economic benefit to Calgary and surrounding areas, creating jobs for over 3,500 young seasonal workers and 1,500 year-round employees, and promoting agriculture and agri-food through classroom training and interactive hands-on experiences for more than 50,000 youth throughout Alberta.

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How to Use Signage to Enhance Your Customer Experience

Have you ever walked into a store or office building and felt confused by your surroundings? Maybe you weren’t sure which line up at the coffee shop was for ordering versus pickup, or what floor of the high rise your meeting was on. These subtle but critical interactions—or lack thereof—all contribute to the customer experience. Customer experience is a hot topic for businesses today—and it’s no wonder why when 73% of companies that do well with it perform financially better than their competitors. While customer experience is a broad topic and includes many facets of your customer-facing interactions, there’s one aspect of it that businesses often overlook: signage. In the examples above, proper signage would have made for a smoother interaction with the customer, creating a better overall experience. Let’s explore how your organization can enhance the customer experience using signage solutions. 1) Direct customers with wayfinding signage Wayfinding signage helps customers navigate your space, find what they're looking for, and feel more comfortable in the process. Wayfinding signage can include directional signs, maps, and floor decals that guide customers to different areas of your retail store or office. By making it easy for customers to find what they need, you can help reduce frustration and create a more positive experience. Some examples of wayfinding include: Directional signs that point to restrooms, elevators or exitsPathfinding signs that guide customers from point A to BIdentification signs such as floor numbers and room namesRegulatory signs including warning signs, exit signs and parking regulations 2) Establish connection with brand signage Your brand is a critical part of your organization's identity, and signage can help reinforce it to create brand recognition, attachment and recall. By incorporating your logo, brand colors, and other branding elements into your signage, you can create a cohesive and memorable experience for customers. This type of signage can include exterior signs, window displays, and even custom wallpaper or murals that showcase your brand in a unique way. Get inspired by our signage gallery > 3) Communicate clearly with informational signage Making it easy for customers to find the information they need is essential to creating a positive experience. Informational signage can include things like your hours of operation, pricing, policies, and other important details that customers need to know. By making this information clear and accessible, you can help customers make informed decisions and avoid confusion. 4) Create an atmosphere with decorative signage Signage can also be used to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Decorative signage can include artwork, inspirational quotes, and other fun elements that add personality and warmth to your space. By creating a space that feels inviting and comfortable, you can help customers feel more at ease and enjoy their experience more. Next time you’re out and about, take time to spot all the different types of signage that were well thought out and intentionally installed to make your experience a positive one—or, not so positive. Being strategic about your signage placement can make a space easy to navigate, reinforce your brand identity, provide customers with the information they need, and create a welcoming atmosphere that wins loyalty. Are you ready for a signage refresh? We’re here to help! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll send a signage expert to explore your space and provide strategic recommendations for signage that can improve your customer experience. Drop us a line to get started.

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