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Kofax Intelligent Automation software platform helps organizations transform information intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer engagement.

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Organize your content based on what it is, not where it’s stored. M‐Files offers a single platform that connects all of your core business systems, applications and devices, allowing you to find and share information securely and quickly.

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Locate information efficiently, increase information security and simplify your document management processes using ImageConnect, an on‐premise Enterprise Content Management system that offers sophisticated search and reporting functionality.

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Your employees are your brand ambassadors and your marketing materials are their toolkit. With a WebConnect digital storefront, teams are empowered to order printed supplies while your organization maintains reliable brand control.

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" The staff is professional, friendly, experienced and always looking for new, fresh and hip ways to help you express your creative ideas. Looking forward to working with them on all our future campaigns."

" Creating a stand-out direct mail piece is one thing. Satisfying our rigorous brand standards is something else entirely. WCD delivered an innovative product that connected quite powerfully with our audiences. We were very impressed with their ability to adhere to our brand guidelines while delivering a superb direct mail piece."

" WCD maintains the same level of service that they come to the table with. Dependable and reliable—WCD is virtually an extension of our own business."

" We only print what we need, when we need it, making it easy to manage marketing materials and customizable collateral. Our investment in the WebConnect print-on-demand solution has proven to be worth every penny. It’s been of tremendous value to ATB."

" Our past vendor didn’t like the idea of quarterly meetings. When we made the transition to WCD it opened a door to new ideas and a different way of doing business. Now we meet quarterly to discuss reports and have open lines of communications with all WCD employees. Everyone is quick to respond to questions and able to deliver results."

" Thanks for the extra effort you took to complete this project! That’s the reason I would bring your team with me wherever I go… you are not just super talented, but you're also amazing partners."

Success Stories

Large Canadian Utilities Company Reduces Risk and Improves Employee Experience

Discover how WCD helped a large Canadian utilities company respond to service calls quicker and more efficiently.

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Premier Office Tower Implements Efficient and Secure Messenger Office Services for High-End Clientele

Find out how this premier twin-tower office complex maintains a secure, trackable chain of custody and efficiently manages 12,000+ incoming and outgoing packages.

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University of Calgary On-Campus Print Centre Experience is Transformed with Process Innovation and Outstanding Service

Learn how the University efficiently prints and and accurately scans thousands of student exams all within a tight 48-hour turnaround time.

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ATCO Maintains Brand Consistency and Tracks Print Spend with Custom Web-to-Print Storefront

Learn how their employees can easily access and print up-to-date corporate materials while the organization maintains reliable brand consistency using WebConnect.

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Online Photobook Platform Improves Customer Reviews with a Reliable Print Partner

Learn how the organization has reduced shipping costs and improved speed of delivery, resulting in happy customers and contributing to the organization's stellar reputation.

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WCD is Renovating: Here's How to Pick Up Your Orders

Our Customer Pick-Up Location is Moving WCD is currently undergoing exciting renovations at our Calgary headquarters. Effective Friday, July 8, our customer entrance for order pick-ups and drop-offs will move to a new entrance at the East end of our parking lot. Why? We're Renovating! Our main offices are currently undergoing renovations that will bring our Calgary production teams together under one roof. WCD's Signage operations, currently located across the street in Alyth Yard, will be moving into our main production facility. These renovations are a positive step forward for our company, enabling us to optimize the use of our current space and streamline operations so we can continue to serve our customers better. We can't wait to welcome you to our new space! Please excuse our appearance as we add the finishing touches. Questions or Concerns? For more information about our new customer pick-up entrance, contact your Account Executive or email us at info@wcdconnect.com.

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We’re Renovating! Important Information for Signage Customers

We’re Renovating! WCD is currently undergoing renovations at our Calgary head office to build a new and improved space for our Signage and large format services.  In Summer 2022, our entire Signage team will be moving into our newly renovated main production facility in Inglewood with better parking, ventilation, delivery access and enhanced capabilities. Moving our signage team into our head office is a step forward for WCD and an investment in this important area of our business. This transition will enable us to optimize the use of our space and streamline operations so we can serve our customers faster and more efficiently. With the market opening up and the demand for signage increasing, we couldn’t be more excited to create a modern and updated production operation for our team. Come visit our new customer pick-up area in September 2022! Book Your Signage Projects Today Please be advised that there may be brief interruptions to some signage projects as we move our equipment. We are taking every step to ensure there is limited disruption to customers during our move, including scheduling projects in advance and routing work to alternate WCD locations where possible. Official move dates to be announced. To schedule your signage project in advance, please contact your WCD Account Executive or email our Signage Coordinators at signageprojects@wcdconnect.com.

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6 Durable Materials to Use for Outdoor Signage

6 Most Common Materials for Outdoor Signs When selecting materials for outdoor signs, it's critical that you take into consideration the many variables that are at play in comparison with indoor signage. Factors like weather, temperatures, wind, and ultimately the purpose of your signage will all impact the material you select. Get helpful tips on setting up design files for large format print > To help guide you in your decision making, here are six of the most common materials used to create durable outdoor signs: 1) Coroplast A staple in the sign industry, coroplast is perfect for outdoor signs on a budget. Made of corrugated plastic, coroplast is both light-weight and weather resistant. Coroplast is best used for temporary outdoor signs including event signage, although the material can last up to 1-2 years outdoors depending on conditions. This product can be easily cleaned, is stain-proof, and will withstand elements like rain and snow. Key features of coroplast signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofAbility to add grommets for hangingCan be printed double-sided 2) Bubbl-X Bubbl-X is an ideal option for lightweight outdoor signs. This product is blue bin recyclable, making it an ideal option for businesses invested in their environmental footprint and sustainability. Bubbl-X is similar to coroplast in look and feel, but offers a smoother surface for printing, and instead of flutes, it has a core similar to heavy-duty bubble wrap. The result is a smooth, waterproof, light-weight sign that is slightly more durable than coroplast. Key features of Bubbl-X signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofRecyclableAbility to add grommets for hangingCan be printed double-sided 3) PVC Board PVC board is a white product that looks and acts similar to wood, but has a hard, smooth finish that is ideal for printing single or double sided. Stable for use indoors or out, PVC board can be cut, glued and screwed as if it were plywood. Key features of PVC board signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofCan be printed double-sided 4) DIBOND DIBOND is an aluminum composite material that has a solid polyethylene core sandwiched between thin gauge aluminum on either side. This product offers a lightweight, rigid and durable solution that is very suitable for long-term outdoor use. Key features of DIBOND signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofCan be printed double-sided 5) Aluminum Solid aluminum is an ideal substrate for signs that need to perform outdoors for several years, such as parking lot signs, pipeline markers and site access signs. Most road signs you'll see today are made of aluminum because of their ability to withstand heat, hail, and rain. And for those looking for a sustainable option, aluminum's recyclability makes it an ideal choice. Key features of aluminum signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofRecyclable 6) Crezone Crezone is an exterior grade plywood, specially treated and pre-painted white for use in outdoor signage. This product is ideal for use in cold temperatures because it is resistant to cracking and can easily be screwed to a backboard or bolted to sign posts. This product is often used for billboard advertisements, construction site signs, real estate signs, and a-frames. Key features of crezone signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofCan be printed double-sided Need help with your signage project? If you're not sure which outdoor signage product will work best for you, we're here to provide expertise and guidance. Get in touch with our team today, and we'll help you manage your signs from concept to completion.

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