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WCD breeds a positive culture of entrepreneurs, doers, collaborators and team players

Ultimately, you could look at us today and say we do what we always did. Because it’s never really been about what we do. It has been and always will be our passion to serve people and the business community that sustains us.​

We are a proud Canadian company that has remained steadfast and brave through challenging times. We’ve grown stronger in the face of adversity because we know how to dig in with courage and grit—determined to succeed.

Leadership Team

Karen Brookman

President & CEO

Karen is building the next generation of WCD and spearheading the company’s business growth strategies across Canada. She is an experienced entrepreneur, business leader and is well-recognized for her ability to develop strategy, cultivate strong leadership teams and bring innovative offerings to market.

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George Brookman

Chairman & Company Ambassador

As owner and former CEO, George remains actively involved in WCD and is responsible for maintaining strong community relations, spearheading internal events and sponsorships, and acting as a strategic advisor to our leadership team. In 2020, George proudly received the Order of Canada for outstanding achievement, community service and contribution to the nation.

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Jennifer Brookman

VP, Marketing

Jennifer is responsible for the strategic development and leadership of our cohesive corporate Marketing and Customer Experience strategy to achieve critical organizational goals. She also oversees WCD Creative, the company’s internal design group.

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Lindsay Duprey

EVP, Strategic Growth & Innovation

Lindsay is responsible for leading business development and revenue strategies across all business areas to maximize growth. She oversees the Sales and Technology Services teams, with a focus on growth strategies, partnerships, and market expansion.

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Allan Megarry

Chief Financial Officer

Allan is responsible for the leadership of all corporate financial initiatives including process and business systems optimization to maximize the company’s financial performance. Allan oversees the organization’s Finance, Accounting and Administration teams.

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Rob Steed

Vice President, Partnership & Customer Engagement

Rob is responsible for managing the relationships of our key clients, while developing flexible, innovative solutions to help them improve processes and increase workplace efficiency. His role oversees the Client Services, Purchasing, Delivery and Print Production teams.

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Thomas Cancilla

Vice President, Regional Operations & Corporate Signage

Thomas is responsible for the strategic development of WCD's signage business nationally. He oversees operations in our 25,000 sq. foot Edmonton facility including the Document Imaging, Signage and Print Production teams.

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Bill Stevens

Chief People Officer ("Head Coach")

Working as a business partner, advisor and executive coach, Bill's responsibility is to to ensure WCD has the appropriate strategic focus, systems, processes, and people, in place to achieve our business goals.

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