Scanning & Conversion

Create a digital workplace that improves your customer and employee experience

Unlock the valuable information stored away in your paper records.

Organizations are re-imagining their paper-based processes to eliminate inefficiencies and mitigate security risks. Backed by 70 years of document scanning experience and strategic technology partnerships, WCD provides the people, process, technology and equipment to get them there quickly and within their specific budget requirements.

Our digitization experts will work with you to find the ideal solution to efficiently and compliantly prepare, scan and index your physical records and convert them into accessible digital formats that will accelerate your organization on its journey to digital transformation.

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Backfile Scanning & Conversion

Mitigate risk, free up costly physical storage space and gain quicker access to critical information by converting your organization's paper records into accessible electronic formats.

Our digitization experts will help you establish a quick, efficient and compliant process for backfile conversion at a budget that works for you. Records can be stored and imaged either on-site at your corporate Records Centre, or off-site at our spacious facilities. Built with ironclad security, our imaging centres are equipped with state-of-the-art scanning and capture technology that can convert, extract and index valuable data from your paper documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Day-Forward Scanning

Begin your digital transformation journey by developing a process to scan, index and convert paper records as they are created or received.

Paper documents slow down business processes and are prone to risks like theft, fires and floods—but going from paper-based processes to paperless can feel daunting. Our experts will work with you to identify where paper is entering your organization and develop a strategy for streamlining your document workflows. We will then manage your day-forward scanning by providing the people and technology on-site at your workplace, or we will help you implement processes that your staff can handle internally.


If your business records are in a document storage facility, you're likely paying a fixed monthly rate on a long-term contract. When that contract is up, there's still no end in sight as your volume of information continues to grow.

With Scan-to-Zero, we will digitize your organization's records at a fixed monthly volume and a predictable monthly fee that is flexible to meet your budget until your paper and invoice both reach zero. We'll also store your physical records at our secure facilities for no extra cost so you can eliminate storage fees immediately.

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" We hired WCD to scan and index five million pensioner records. They completed the project early, within budget and with a 98.8% image accuracy rating."

Microfilm & Microfiche Digitization

Gain full access to your organization’s history and reduce costly storage space by digitizing your historical business records.

WCD was founded in 1962 as a traditional microfilm and microfiche producer. Today, as one of the few Canadian service providers of microfilm scanning, we are digitizing the very records we produced decades ago with precision quality and lightning speed. Our top-of-the-line microfilm scanners use advanced technology to convert images into sharp, defined and quality digital content.

Newspaper Archiving & Digitization

Unlock pieces of history with our newspaper digitization solutions.

As Canada's leaders in digitization, libraries and publishers across North America trust us to preserve the history of precious historical documents, including newspapers, ship passenger manifests, architectural drawings, birth certificates and more. Our technicians are diligent in quality control, adhering to the highest standards and lab procedures for document imaging.

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Oversized & Large Format AEC Scanning

Save on physical storage space by producing quality digital copies of your oversized files and large format maps, engineering and architectural drawings.

Using advanced technology for scanning maps, drawings, log files, posters or other oversized documentation, we can produce high-resolution images of documents up to 36” wide by any length.

Case Study

Natural Gas Corporation Reduces Risk and Improves Employee Experience with Transformed Records Management Process

Discover how WCD helped a large utilities company respond to service calls quicker and more efficiently.

Top of Mind Security

WCD's scanning facilities are purpose-built to exceed privacy and compliance standards, ensuring the safety and security of your data and physical records. Our secure scanning facilities in Calgary and Edmonton are armed with 24/7 alarms, video surveillance and restricted access from within.

As a measure of safety, we maintain diligent emergency response procedures and business continuity plans. Our scanning staff undergo project-specific security clearance, background checks and are trained in PIPA compliance. We follow CGSB compliance standards and are COR certified in Alberta.