Direct Mail Marketing

Create personalized direct mail marketing campaigns that convert customers

Use data-driven insights to create personalized direct mail advertising that sparks intrigue and triggers action.

It can be hard to cut through the noise of online advertising. By integrating direct mail Canada into your campaigns, you can deliver tangible and personalized marketing that triggers action, provides data-driven insights and produces measurable results.

In today’s competitive landscape, customers are increasingly looking for a personalized experience that is catered entirely to their needs. With sophisticated and personalized cross-media marketing campaigns, your organization can build brand awareness, produce quality leads and gain valuable ROI.

Learn the basics of a successful campaign in our 6 Step Guide to Direct Mail Marketing.

Developing Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

Develop an Effective Campaign Strategy

Our direct mail experts will work closely with you to understand your campaign goals and will recommend a strategic approach that maximizes the effectiveness and ROI of your direct marketing direct mail advertising campaign.

Capture Attention Image v2

Capture Attention with Creative Design

Between your brand and your buyer is an emotional connection. We use thoughtful design to tap into that emotion, translating your big ideas into bigger execution to drive ROI and give your business a competitive edge.

Personalized Direct Mail Printing C

Personalized Printing & Finishing

Personalize your message using variable data printing, allowing you to print individualized text and graphics on each piece. We finish your mailer professionally with scoring, perforating, folding, laser printing, kitting and assembling services.

Reach the right Direct Mail customers C

Reach the Right Customers

Supported by our Canada Post partnership, our teams will help you find your ideal customers and segment audiences by geography, lifestyle, demographics, online shopping habits, and much more.

Simplified Data For Direct Mail

Simplified Data Processing

Let us handle the data. We help with list purchasing, address verification, data merging and purging, deduplication, Letter Carrier Presort (LCP) Sortation, and the preparation of Canada Post documentation.

Canada Wide Mailing C

Canada-Wide Mailing

Canada Post has varying specifications for data and mail preparation. Our experts will fully manage this process by preparing Statements of Mailing (SOMs), validation reports, bag tags, audits and more.

" We received an innovative piece that connected quite powerfully with our audience. They adhered to our strict brand guidelines, while delivering a superb direct mail piece."

Canada Post Expert Partners

Our in-house WCD Creative Services group will work as an extension of your marketing team to build a strategic, integrated direct mail campaign that will get results. They specialize in creating award-winning direct mail that uses highly-effective messaging and thoughtful creative to drive ROI and give your business a competitive edge. We are proudly recognized Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ Expert Partners.

The Science of Direct Mail

In today’s hyper-digitized world, brands can interact with consumers in more ways than ever. But when it comes to driving action, the end game of all marketing, are all channels created equal? By combining physicality, data and connectivity, direct mail marketing just works. Canada Post research shows that direct mail outperforms digital channels consistently – and, in some cases, significantly.


more effective to combine direct mail and digital marketing.


of Canadians open mail personally addressed to them.

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