Managed Office Services

Gain workplace flexibility with augmented support staff

Don’t let inefficiencies and bottlenecks impact your core business.

Eliminate staffing challenges and improve the efficiency of your workplace by outsourcing non-core functions to our scalable team of experts that integrate seamlessly into your office.

With unparalleled experience and breadth of service in back-office solutions, WCD will provide the people, processes and technology needed to operate your shared business services, keeping your employees focused on their most critical priorities.

Print Centre Management

Does your organization have high printing demands or complex print requirements? Let us help. Our certified print professionals work onsite at your organization to handle all your printing needs. We'll also manage your print vendors, equipment fleet, service calls and more, enabling you to consolidate your equipment and service. On average, our customers save 20% on printing costs year-over-year.

Reception & Administration

Your reception and security desk personnel are gatekeepers, administrators and customer service representatives rolled into one. It’s an integral role you can’t afford to leave unattended when turnover, sick leave or vacations occur.

Enter WCD. Our team of experienced administration professionals integrate seamlessly into your office, providing you with the reliability and consistency of a full-time staff member at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you will gain complete redundancy, ensuring key roles are always covered so you never have to worry.

" WCD identified process issues with orders taking up to two weeks for delivery and distribution to Fort McMurray, so they deployed a customized web solution for us that now has over 100 users across five locations. Turn around times to receive engineering work packages and safety related materials have been reduced by 75%."

Shipping & Receiving

Tracking and managing the physical mail coming in and out of your business can be a costly challenge. Let us manage your onsite mail room logistics to ensure information is delivered to your people where and when they need it. Using our advanced digital mail technology, we will also provide full insight into chain of custody for your critical materials.

  • Track monthly cost allocation
  • Dive into data on shipping volumes, vendor usage and spend by courier
  • Customize reports to uncover and improve inefficiencies

Warehousing & Distribution

The production, storage and distribution of corporate marketing materials are often handled by various vendors, increasing costs and creating logistical challenges. From a single location, our team can print, package, warehouse and ship your materials using advanced technology. And, as a Canada Post Expert Partner, we can improve your delivery efficiency using sophisticated address validation software.

Office Stationery Allocation

Office stationery is an essential part of maintaining brand consistency and employee experience. While it’s important to ensure stationery is readily available, it’s also necessary to control costs and manage distribution. Let us take this off your hands. We will track supply allocation so you're never without, while also leveraging bulk purchasing through our existing vendor relationships to save you money.

Case Study

Premier Office Tower Implements Efficient and Secure Messenger Office Services for High-End Clientele

Find out how this twin-tower office complex maintains a secure, trackable chain of custody and efficiently manages 12,000+ incoming and outgoing packages per month.

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