M-Files Information Management

Empower your employees to access information when and where they need it with M-Files

M-Files is a unique intelligent information management solution that improves how businesses manage their information. Unlike any other content management platform, M-Files overlays your current information architecture and searches for information based on what it is rather than where it's stored, simplifying access from a single location and eliminating the need for a costly data migration project. By breaking down silos between disparate systems and content repositories, M-Files helps accelerate your organization's journey to digital transformation.

Improve Process Efficiency

Does your organization use multiple content repositories like SharePoint, OpenText or file folders to store its information? What about unstructured data stored in email or other miscellaneous locations? According to the 2019 Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report, 46% of office workers say it's challenging and time-consuming to find the documents they need.

M-Files manages content by "what" it is. That way, users never need to remember "where" something was stored, regardless of if it lives in a third party system like OneDrive, Dropbox or other content management systems. Using a simple keyword search, users can find the right content instantly and without having to browse numerous locations.

Manage Information Your Way

M-Files provides an intuitive user experience on PC, mobile and web-based platforms including Teams, SharePoint, Google G-Suite and Salesforce CRM. This enables you to manage day-to-day information within a single view in your preferred application, so you can enjoy all the benefits of intelligent information management while using tools familiar to you.

Backed by Expert Support

WCD leverages M-Files as a layered technology solution for our customers with more sophisticated, robust content management needs. Based on our understanding of your current information infrastructure, existing content repositories and long-term business goals, we'll recommend a strategic approach to configuring M-Files for your organization.

Our experienced Professional Services team provides expert support, flexible deployment options, custom integrations and process automation services to create an integrated information ecosystem that will scale with your business.

Case Study

Going paper-free and improving staff efficiency at the Jupiter Group

Fast growing fresh produce distributor Jupiter Group goes paperless with M-Files, streamlining business processes and providing staff with easy access to information anywhere they are, on any device.