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Get your brand into every home, apartment and business your ideal customers are in.

Reach your customers right at home with direct mail marketing

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ gets your message into the mailboxes of Canadians within a specific neighbourhood or region, so you can create mass awareness and acquire new customers. Local businesses and restaurants often use Neighbourhood Mail™ to create awareness for promotions and drive traffic to their website or online store.

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Target By Location

Using Canada Post's Precision Targeter™ tool, you can plan your direct mail campaign using interactive maps and demographic data. Choose from 14 categories like household income and type of home or business. Then, select your delivery neighbourhoods and adjust to target your ideal audience.

Direct Mail Neighbourhood Mail

Large Audience, Low Cost

Find new customers with cost-effective and quick-to-market campaigns. Just design and print your campaign through a Canada Post partner like WCD, and they'll start hitting your customers' mail boxes across Canada within 3 - 13 business days. Plus, postage starts at as little as $0.173 per piece!

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Proven Traffic Driver

Add direct mail to your marketing mix and watch your campaign success rates climb. Canada Post has the largest geographical database in the country. With billions of consumer data points, you can put your brand in the hands of those customers more likely to respond to it — right in their homes.

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Case Study

Dr. Green Sprouts Business

When Dr. Green needed to sow the seeds of customer acquisition and retention, the lawn care company turned to Canada Post and its targeting expertise to land its marketing materials in the right hands at the right time. The result? Business sprouted at a record pace, as the company retained old customers and discovered new ones in existing areas, while also opening entirely new neighbourhoods to its services.

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