Postal Code Targeting

Use postal code data to find new customers that share the same qualities as your best customers.

Grow your customer base by targeting new audiences by postal code

Find people that look exactly like your ideal customer using Canada Post's Postal Code Targeting. As the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together." Based on this concept, we know that people who live in the same neighbourhood share similar demographics, life stage, aspirations, preferences and behaviours—meaning you can use what you know about where your existing customers live to target new ones.

Direct Mail Postal Code Targeting

Laser-Focused Precision

Discover the power of pinpoint accuracy with Postal Code Targeting. Using your existing customer data to deliver audience insights, you can reach your ideal customers right where they live, ensuring your message resonates with the people who matter most.

Reading Direct Mail

Boosted Bottom Line

Say goodbye to wasted marketing dollars. By targeting specific postal code areas, you'll save on mailing costs and increase your chances of converting prospects into loyal customers. It's a smart move that puts more profit back in your pocket.

Data Driven Success

Data-Driven Success

Test and track your campaign's performance for laser targeting. By analyzing response rates and conversion metrics by postal code, you'll gain valuable insights into which areas are most receptive to your offering so you can adjust your future campaigns accordingly.

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Case Study

Winning Donors with Direct Mail

Finding new donors is tough for any nonprofit. So Cité de la Santé Foundation and Canada Post partnered to identify the best prospects to target. Thanks to the foundation’s first-party data, combined with PRIZM segmentation, Precision Targeter and data visualization, the nonprofit educated and inspired a whole new audience to give. The result? An 810% increase in the number of donors and an 880% increase in the amount of donations.

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