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Make your customers feel valued with a personalized direct mail piece they’re more likely to open.

Connect one-to-one with your customers using direct mail marketing

Winning loyal customers comes down to being relevant to the individuals you’re targeting—whenever and however they choose to interact with you. With a one-to-one approach that speaks directly to recipients, Canada Post's Personalized Mail solutions work well for both building loyalty and acquiring new customers.

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Get Personal

With Personalized Mail, you can use your own database of customer information to reach people you already know, or purchase a list from Canada Post to reach new audiences and potential customers. Either way, we'll validate the address data to ensure your piece gets exactly where it needs to go.

Personalized Mail

Drive Retention

When you need to communicate one-to-one, Personalized Mail is your go-to. This type of direct mail marketing is ideal for exclusive messages such as inviting people to events, soliciting donations, reporting financial performance to stakeholders, or supporting your loyalty card programs.

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Deepen Connections

Ensure the right message reaches the right people at the right time. Personalized direct mail boasts a higher response rate compared to mass mailings, making a more efficient use of your marketing resources. By tailoring content to your customer's preferences, you'll foster trust and engagement.

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Case Study

Wayfair Wins with Direct Mail

Online retailer Wayfair tested the effect of adding direct mail to its digital media. Having identified the most active online shoppers, it targeted new users and retargeted those who’d abandoned carts. The result? The direct mail retargeting response rate was about double that of digital only.

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