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Celebrating Pride: How WCD is Championing Diversity in 2022


Happy Pride Week! Calgary’s Pride Parade + Festival is in full swing, taking place from August 26 – September 5, 2022. In celebration and reflection, we’re looking back on the progress we’ve made to support the LGBTQA+ community and improve diversity, equity and inclusion at WCD this year.

WCD’s Progress Toward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2022

1) Partnership with Pride in Business

    This year, we partnered with Pride in Business as their official Print & Signage Sponsor. Working to create connections within the LGBTQA+ community of professionals and entrepreneurs, Pride in Business is on a mission to enhance visibility, support and commerce in the community.

    Through our partnership, we’ve played a humble role in the success of several Pride in Business events, including Pride in Art, an event that showcased the work of several local LGBTQA+ artists, and the upcoming 10-Year Anniversary Rooftop Bash, taking place on August 31, 2022.

    Pride in Art Event
    Pride in Art 2022

    We’re proud to support Pride in Business, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

    2) WCD Diversity Council & Internal Awareness

      Last year, we recognized a need to create space for open discussion around diversity and inclusion in our workplace. In response, we established WCD’s first ever Diversity Council—an internal group of leaders committed to creating dialogue and taking actionable steps to ensure everyone feels empowered to be their most authentic selves at work.

      As an organization, we’re proud of the diversity that makes our culture uniquely ours. We also recognize that the work is never done, which is why our team is committed to continually improving our DEI initiatives. To start, we’re launching our 2022 employee survey with an added emphasis on collecting feedback and valuable insights from staff on areas we can improve DEI in the workplace.

      What Pride Week Means for WCD’s Candace Ogden

      Candace Ogden

      Last year, we celebrated Pride by interviewing WCD’s Rob Steed, VP of Partnerships & Client Engagement. This year, we asked Candace Ogden, Customer Service Representative to share a bit about what Pride means to her as a member of the LGBTQA+ community.

      Read last year's interview with Rob Steed >

      What does Pride mean to you?

      "For my family, Pride means being at one with who we are inside and out and accepting love as love. We teach our children that if we open our hearts to others, we will learn acceptance through doing so."

      How do you celebrate Pride week with your family?

      "Our family attends community events during Pride week which really helps to teach the youngest members in our family about diversity. But we don’t just celebrate Pride during this week. We are a family that celebrates who we are all throughout the year."

      How do you show your support for diversity and inclusion at work all year round?

      "In any social setting, including at work, the one thing I have learned on my journey is that being open and fully comfortable with who I am is a great way to stimulate inclusion anywhere. Not only do I show complete confidence in myself, I also make a genuine effort to show interest in others and learn about what makes them unique."

      We teach our children that if we open our hearts to others, we will learn acceptance through doing so.

      What is your advice to businesses who want to be better allies to the LGBTQA+ community?

      "My advice to businesses is to not only show the support visually, but to take a solid stance in advocating on behalf of the LGBTQA+ community. It is such a multifaceted community that often there is a lack of understanding for one another, even amongst those of us who are members of this community.

      Take time to listen and to try to understand others, and when there is a lack of understanding, find and provide resources to those who may be struggling with who they are."

      How You Can Celebrate Pride Week

      Feeling the spirit of Pride? Visit Calgary Pride's Community Events Calendar to discover the many inclusive and interactive events happening around the city this week.




      WCD Achieves M-Files Certified Delivery Partner Status

      WCD Achieves Certified Delivery Partner Status with M-Files WCD is proud to announce our designation as a Certified Delivery Partner with M-Files, a global information management software solutions provider. The M-Files Delivery Partner Certification Program grants designation to M-Files partners for having two or more certified employees. What This Means for WCD Customers As one of only four Certified Delivery Partners in Canada, WCD is well poised to provide organizations with strategic guidance and support for configuring, deploying and maintaining M-Files as their information management solution. Through strategic consultation and expert professional services, WCD helps organizations effectively manage the lifecycle and governance of their digital records and information. “More than anything, this designation shows customers that we’re skilled in handling sophisticated data and information ecosystems. By following reliable processes and methodologies, we enable our customers to fully leverage the tools and technologies they invest in—M-Files included.” — Mark Ellis, Sr. Digital Transformation Consultant About the Certified Delivery Partner Program The process of becoming a Certified Delivery Partner includes extensive training on M-Files technology solutions, followed by a problem-solving exercise that tests your ability to design, develop and implement those solutions in a real-world scenario. WCD’s Mark Ellis, Senior Digital Transformation Consultant and Chris Edwards, Solutions Architect, have both completed the training certification. “We’re very proud to have achieved Certified Delivery Partner status with M-Files,” says Ellis. “We’ve proven our ability to analyze and solve complex challenges that require a high degree of business acumen, process-thinking and technology expertise—and that’s exactly what we do for our clients when it comes to managing their information.” About M-Files M-Files is a global leader in information management. The M-Files metadata-driven document management platform enables knowledge workers to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage and substantial ROI as they deliver better customer experiences and higher-quality work with lower risk. For more information, visit www.m-files.com. About WCD As a leader in digital on-demand solutions for print and information, WCD stands behind creative, personalized and integrated services. We help you transform your business, empower your people and share your story. Our leading-edge technology, expansive network of resources and entrepreneurial spirit ensure consistent, quality results in every market we serve. A steadfast Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta, we’ve made business personal for 70 years. Discover more ways to cultivate seamless connection— with customers, employees and information. To find out how, visit www.wcdconnect.com. What Can M-Files Do for Your Business? Unlike any other content management platform, M-Files overlays your current information architecture and searches for information based on what it is rather than where it's stored, simplifying access from a single location and eliminating the need for a costly data migration project. By breaking down silos between disparate systems and content repositories, M-Files helps accelerate your organization's journey to digital transformation. Does it sound like M-Files could work for you?

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      WCD is Renovating: Here's How to Pick Up Your Orders

      Our Customer Pick-Up Location is Moving WCD is currently undergoing exciting renovations at our Calgary headquarters. Effective Friday, July 8, our customer entrance for order pick-ups and drop-offs will move to a new entrance at the East end of our parking lot. Why? We're Renovating! Our main offices are currently undergoing renovations that will bring our Calgary production teams together under one roof. WCD's Signage operations, currently located across the street in Alyth Yard, will be moving into our main production facility. These renovations are a positive step forward for our company, enabling us to optimize the use of our current space and streamline operations so we can continue to serve our customers better. We can't wait to welcome you to our new space! Please excuse our appearance as we add the finishing touches. Questions or Concerns? For more information about our new customer pick-up entrance, contact your Account Executive or email us at info@wcdconnect.com.

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      We’re Renovating! Important Information for Signage Customers

      We’re Renovating! WCD is currently undergoing renovations at our Calgary head office to build a new and improved space for our Signage and large format services.  In Summer 2022, our entire Signage team will be moving into our newly renovated main production facility in Inglewood with better parking, ventilation, delivery access and enhanced capabilities. Moving our signage team into our head office is a step forward for WCD and an investment in this important area of our business. This transition will enable us to optimize the use of our space and streamline operations so we can serve our customers faster and more efficiently. With the market opening up and the demand for signage increasing, we couldn’t be more excited to create a modern and updated production operation for our team. Come visit our new customer pick-up area in September 2022! Book Your Signage Projects Today Please be advised that there may be brief interruptions to some signage projects as we move our equipment. We are taking every step to ensure there is limited disruption to customers during our move, including scheduling projects in advance and routing work to alternate WCD locations where possible. Official move dates to be announced. To schedule your signage project in advance, please contact your WCD Account Executive or email our Signage Coordinators at signageprojects@wcdconnect.com.

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