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5 Types of Signage Homebuilders Need to Drive Sales


How can homebuilders drive sales with signage?

When potential buyers are visiting a new community, they’re looking for a sense of place and belonging that helps them to envision themselves living there. The community brand that homebuilders design supports that message, and signage is a critical component of amplifying it. Beyond creating a sense of place for potential buyers, signage also helps you advertise your new development to passersby.

If you’re a home builder looking to market a new development, here are five types of signage that will help you get the word out:

  1. Banners
  2. Temporary Billboards and Skid Frames
  3. Flags & Flagpoles
  4. Sales Centre Signage
  5. Portable Directional Signs

1) Banners

    Banners are one of the easiest ways to advertise your residential development—they’re temporary, cost-effective, weather-resistant, and can be easily cleaned and stored. Plus, they can be fixed to almost any structure including nearby fences.

    Oversized Banners

    2) Billboards & Skid Frames

      Skid frame signs are semi-permanent billboards. Because the structure is made of wood, it can be reused for future advertisements, making them a sustainable choice. Built sturdy, skid frames can also withstand harsh weather conditions.

      Because these temporary billboards can be built quite large, they’re ideal for advertising in high-traffic locations to capture attention, such as on the side of a busy roadway or at the entrance to your new community.

      Billboard Skid Frame
      Skid Frame Sign

      3) Flags & Flagpoles

      Flags and flagpoles are a great way to reinforce your brand and are also useful for drawing more attention to your other signs through movement. The size of your flags can vary, but consider using larger flags with more surface area for designs that feature graphics and lettering.

      Flags and Flagpoles
      Signage Flags & Flagpoles

      4) Sales Centre Signage

        One of your main objectives as a marketer in home sales is to have customers visit your sales centre—which is why creating a positive experience is critical. Residential sales centres are typically either in a show home or built with a temporary portable structure. With a bit of landscaping and signage, you can transform your sales centre into an eye-catching and welcoming environment.

        On the outside, custom 3D lettering, banners and window graphics will draw buyers in. On the inside, imagine an interactive wall mural that maps out the plans for the area, and dimensional plaques that tell the story of the community. It’s these little details that will excite your buyer!

        Sales Centre Signage
        Show Home Signage

        5) Portable Directional Signs

          Guide your buyers through new communities with portable signs that direct movement through and around your community. Temporary sandwich boards, lawn signs and smaller skid frames are all great options to help direct your buyers where to go.

          Portable Directional Signs

          We can’t wait to help you sell more homes!

          Our team manages the design, production and installation of holistic signage displays. If you’re ready to market your new community with signage that captures attention, connect with us today or explore our Signage Gallery for more inspiration.




          6 Durable Materials to Use for Outdoor Signage

          6 Most Common Materials for Outdoor Signs When selecting materials for outdoor signs, it's critical that you take into consideration the many variables that are at play in comparison with indoor signage. Factors like weather, temperatures, wind, and ultimately the purpose of your signage will all impact the material you select. Get helpful tips on setting up design files for large format print > To help guide you in your decision making, here are six of the most common materials used to create durable outdoor signs: 1) Coroplast A staple in the sign industry, coroplast is perfect for outdoor signs on a budget. Made of corrugated plastic, coroplast is both light-weight and weather resistant. Coroplast is best used for temporary outdoor signs including event signage, although the material can last up to 1-2 years outdoors depending on conditions. This product can be easily cleaned, is stain-proof, and will withstand elements like rain and snow. Key features of coroplast signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofAbility to add grommets for hangingCan be printed double-sided 2) Bubbl-X Bubbl-X is an ideal option for lightweight outdoor signs. This product is blue bin recyclable, making it an ideal option for businesses invested in their environmental footprint and sustainability. Bubbl-X is similar to coroplast in look and feel, but offers a smoother surface for printing, and instead of flutes, it has a core similar to heavy-duty bubble wrap. The result is a smooth, waterproof, light-weight sign that is slightly more durable than coroplast. Key features of Bubbl-X signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofRecyclableAbility to add grommets for hangingCan be printed double-sided 3) PVC Board PVC board is a white product that looks and acts similar to wood, but has a hard, smooth finish that is ideal for printing single or double sided. Stable for use indoors or out, PVC board can be cut, glued and screwed as if it were plywood. Key features of PVC board signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofCan be printed double-sided 4) DIBOND DIBOND is an aluminum composite material that has a solid polyethylene core sandwiched between thin gauge aluminum on either side. This product offers a lightweight, rigid and durable solution that is very suitable for long-term outdoor use. Key features of DIBOND signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofCan be printed double-sided 5) Aluminum Solid aluminum is an ideal substrate for signs that need to perform outdoors for several years, such as parking lot signs, pipeline markers and site access signs. Most road signs you'll see today are made of aluminum because of their ability to withstand heat, hail, and rain. And for those looking for a sustainable option, aluminum's recyclability makes it an ideal choice. Key features of aluminum signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofRecyclable 6) Crezone Crezone is an exterior grade plywood, specially treated and pre-painted white for use in outdoor signage. This product is ideal for use in cold temperatures because it is resistant to cracking and can easily be screwed to a backboard or bolted to sign posts. This product is often used for billboard advertisements, construction site signs, real estate signs, and a-frames. Key features of crezone signs include: Indoor or outdoor useWater proofCan be printed double-sided Need help with your signage project? If you're not sure which outdoor signage product will work best for you, we're here to provide expertise and guidance. Get in touch with our team today, and we'll help you manage your signs from concept to completion.

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          6 Renter-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Home and Workplace

          Personalized Décor Ideas for the Home and Office Spring has sprung, and so has that “out with the old, in with the new” itch that comes with spring cleaning. It’s a time of renewal, and often that means redefining our space with new inspiration. For many renters, redecorating a home or office space can be challenging. Thankfully, there are many options for temporary, removable, and non-damaging décor that can bring renewed energy to your space—all without the stress or expense of permanent renovations! We’re here to help you get those creative juices flowing. Discover WCD’s options for home and office décor > 1) Canvas Prints You can bring your most cherished memories and your favourite landscapes into any space with personalized, art-quality canvas prints. A cost-effective option, canvas prints are available in a wide variety of sizes and are light enough to be hung with non-damaging photo hangers like Command strips. Creative tip: Style a featured gallery wall in your home or office with a series of different-sized prints! 2) Wall Murals Go larger than life with an indoor wall mural that you can become fully immersed in. Vinyl wall murals are affordable, easy to remove, and non-damaging. They are also fully customizable and can adapt to your space. Wall murals are commonly used in commercial spaces like offices to brighten up a space, but can also be easily applied to a feature wall in any room at home. Need help with design? Our Creative Services team has you covered. Creative tip: Bring the outdoors into your space with a wall mural that celebrates nature. 3) Wall Decals Wall decals can add dimension and depth to your space, and the creative options are endless. Whether you're decorating a children's nursery with fun florals or adding pops of your brand throughout an office space, decals are a great temporary to long-term solution. Made with removable vinyl, these oversized stickers are easy to self-install, won't damage your paint or drywall when removed, and can be cut to your desired shape. Creative tip: Colour blocked shapes like arches and circles are in! Instead of painting a feature shape, install it in minutes with a vinyl decal. 4) Custom Wallpaper Traditional wallpaper can be difficult to apply and especially difficult to remove, often causing damaged walls (and frustration!). With removable vinyl, you can achieve any textured look you want in a space using your own custom wallpaper design. Creative tip: Create a bold feature wall with a unique wallpaper pattern that complements your space. 5) Metallic Prints Printed in lightweight aluminum, metallic prints are a unique way to liven your space. Corporate offices often use these for wayfinding and branded signage, but aluminum can also be used for personalized prints that render beautifully when printed with colourful imagery. Imagine your favourite photo of the mountains coming to life on a vivid and dimensional piece that you can proudly hang in your living room. Creative tip: Print your favourite vibrant landscape photo on a metallic finish for a stunning effect. 6) Acrylic Prints Acrylic prints are a great way to enhance your space with a sophisticated, crisp and clean look. Print your favourite photos, landscapes, or even your corporate brand on this durable material that stands out beautifully on any wall. Both acrylic and metallic prints can easily be mounted with standoffs (shown here) or can be outfitted with a custom hanging kit. Creative tip: Mount your acrylic print with aluminum standoffs for a “free-floating” effect. We can’t wait to help you decorate your space! Our experts are here to help you bring your space to life with creative ideas and recommendations. Learn more about our Signage Solutions and personalized home décor below.

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          What is Construction Hoarding?

          What is Construction Hoarding, and Why do Developers Need it? In most major cities like Calgary and Edmonton, inner-city development is on the rise. For developers in Alberta, supplying construction hoarding to those sites isn’t just vital to keep people safe—it’s also required by law. According to Part 8 of the Alberta Building Code, construction sites that constitute a hazard to the public are required to place a fence or barricade between the site and the public way—otherwise known as construction hoarding. How to apply for a hoarding permit in Calgary and Edmonton > While hoarding is a necessary safety measure, it’s not always pretty. That’s why the public and policymakers have called on developers to get creative with their hoarding in ways that visually enhance their construction sites through design and art. There are a few ways you can do so with different types of branding for your construction hoarding. Below are some ideas for different types of Hoarding in Construction.Types of Hoarding in Construction Mesh Construction Hoarding for Temporary Fences If you’re using a temporary chain link fence to protect your construction site, you’ll still need a way to adequately contain dirt and debris from your site. Securing mesh hoarding to your fence has a few benefits: It is a type of construction hoarding that is lightweight and allows air to pass through, ideal for windy areas The printable fabric enables you to advertise a new development on-site Limits passage of site debris and dust while maintaining privacy Easy installation to an existing chain link fence (apply zip ties to grommets) More environmentally friendly than other hoardings like plywood Dibond Construction Hoarding for Plywood Fences Plywood is one of the most common methods used to install construction site hoarding. Using jersey barriers and posts, plywood is mounted to fully seal off your construction site. From there, many developers will use Dibond, an aluminum composite, to mount graphics and increase the visual appeal of their site. Benefits of using this type of construction hoarding are: A sturdy and secure solution for more permanent construction sites Can be mounted using jersey barriers or more permanent in-ground posts A clean look with maximum privacy for your construction site Need help designing your hoarding? Explore our Creative Services > Scrim Banners for Plywood Fences As an alternative to Dibond, you can print your design on a scrim banner, an opaque material that can be applied to a plywood fence easily. Benefits of using scrim banner to brand your construction site hoarding are: Scrim is a lighter weight than E-PanelIt's easy to install using grommets and zip ties Scrim is a more affordable alternative We do not recommend using scrim banners on temporary, free-standing chain link fences as the material is heavy and doesn’t allow air to pass through. However, applying scrim to permanent in-ground fencing (like seen below) is perfectly acceptable. Need Construction Hoarding in Calgary or Edmonton? Our team of signage experts can help you determine the best design and materials for your site’s construction hoarding. View more Construction and Development Signage or contact us to get started today.

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