Sustainable Printing for a Greener Tomorrow

Print & Replant with PrintReleaf

Take an Eco-friendly Approach to Printing

In partnership with PrintReleaf, WCD is taking a more sustainable approach to printing. Together, we're transforming every print job into an opportunity for environmental rejuvenation. Our collaboration ensures that with every page you print, you can contribute to reforestation efforts—both here in Canada and beyond.

How It Works

Print with WCD

Every time you print through WCD, our system tracks your paper usage to offset consumption.

Measure and Convert

PrintReleaf's innovative technology calculates your paper consumption and converts it into an equivalent number of trees.

Reforest the Planet

These trees are then planted in global reforestation projects. Together, we're not just printing—we're planting a future.

Reforestation in Canada

Your Impact on Our Planet

Join us on this eco-friendly journey and enjoy:

  • Eco-Conscious Printing: Feel good knowing each print job supports global forestry.
  • Customized Reforestation: Choose where your trees are planted, and watch your forest grow.
  • Transparent Tracking: Receive regular updates on your environmental impact.
  • Sustainable Certifications: Enhance your brand's reputation with certified sustainable practices.
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How Your Business Can Make a Difference in Our Backyard

British Columbia is characterized by abundant forests, rugged Pacific coastline, and pristine lakes and rivers. However, visitors will have noticed a marked difference in B.C.'s trees in recent years.

Insect pests and diseases have decimated enormous areas of forest, becoming fuel for wildfires–and in summer 2017, B.C. experienced its worst wildfire in history, with over 1.2 million hectares burned. Watch the video to learn how PrintReleaf is working with One Tree Planted to recover forrests lost to the devastating wildfires.

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PrintReleaf ensures every tree is certifiably planted with third-party SGS Verification.


What is the WCD-PrintReleaf partnership?

WCD partners with PrintReleaf to offer a unique sustainability initiative. Through this program, we offset the paper used in our printing services by planting trees, effectively turning your paper consumption into global reforestation efforts.

How does PrintReleaf measure my paper consumption?

PrintReleaf uses advanced software to track your paper usage accurately. Every page you print is converted into a corresponding amount of paper used, which then determines the number of trees to be planted on your behalf.

Where are the trees planted?

You have the freedom to choose from various reforestation projects around the world. These projects are carefully selected and monitored for their environmental impact and sustainability.

Can I track the impact of my printing activities?

Absolutely! We provide detailed reports that show your paper usage and the number of trees planted as a result. This way, you can see the tangible impact of your sustainable printing choices.

Is there any extra cost involved in participating in this program?

You can participate for just pennies a page. Let us know if you'd like to opt-in to the program and we'll include it in your next estimate.

How does this program benefit the environment?

By participating in this program, you're directly contributing to reforestation efforts, which help combat deforestation, reduce carbon emissions, and support biodiversity.

Can businesses of any size participate?

Yes, businesses of all sizes can participate in this program. Our goal is to make sustainable printing accessible to everyone, regardless of the scale of their printing needs.

How do I sign up for the program?

Signing up is easy! Just contact our Client Services team, and we'll guide you through the quick and simple process to get you started on your sustainable printing journey.

What makes PrintReleaf different from other reforestation initiatives?

PrintReleaf stands out due to its precise tracking and measurement of paper usage, choice of diverse global reforestation projects, and commitment to ensuring the survivability of planted trees through third-party audits.

Are the reforestation projects certified or audited?

Yes, all reforestation projects under PrintReleaf are fully audited and certified by third-party organizations, ensuring transparency and effectiveness in our reforestation efforts.

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